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Comparison between Hydroponic- and Soil-Grown Raspberries (Rubus idaeus): Vi-ability and Sensory Traits

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Raspberries are known to have an abundant amount of the health promoting bioactive compounds, and increasing consumption has been associated with prevention of several chronic diseases. Growing fruits hydroponically compared to soil-grown has several environmental benefits and can be an option of sustainable food production in non-arable regions of the world. This research investigated the viability, unspecified sensory differences, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, total polyphenolic bioactive compounds and catechins of hydroponic raspberries compared to soil-grown raspberries. Overall, plant survival rate for hydroponic raspberries was 33% and for soil-grown raspberries, it was 66%. Fruit yield per plant was 10% higher in hydroponic raspberries compared to soil-grown. Sensory evaluation results by untrained participants illustrated that they were unable to differentiate between hydroponic and soil-grown raspberries. Nutritional analysis indicated similar values except for ascorbic acid, which was significantly higher in soil-grown raspberries. Growing raspberries hydroponically is feasible and sensory qualities are equal to soil-grown raspberries. Future research should investigate different methods of growing hydroponic raspberries for higher plant survival rates and eventually to determine if hydroponic raspberries may be grown on a commercial scale.

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