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As the development of the industrialization and information technology, education has
become a hot topic in diverse areas. Lots of relevant research achievements have been
coming out. The Conference on Creative Education (CCE2013) will be a platform for
numerous experts and scholars freely exchanging the research results and information on
Elementary Education, Higher Education, Science Education, and Business Education and
so on.
Thanks to our sponsorsBeijing Normal University, Nanjing University of Posts and
Telecommunications, National Taipei University of Education, Engineering Information
Institute and Scientific Research Publishing. Meanwhile, we would like to express our
appreciation to our committee members and the reviewers.
The Proceeding has concisely and duly presented the latest research results for all the
authors. We hope all of the readers can benefit from it.
Finally, thanks again for all the attention and support from our authors. The Organizing
Committee is looking forward to the continued support from the scholars.


Construction and Perfection of College Students’ Learning Motivation Inspiring Mechanism ——Work Practice of Shandong Polytechnic University, for Example 1
Improve Quality of Teaching and Studying Based on Unified Test in All Higher Schools of China 5
Impacts of Perceived Convenience and the Teacher’s Role on Moodle 9
The Status of Elementary and Junior High School After-School Program Implementation: A Case Study on Penghu County 14
Automated Writing Evaluation——A Case of College Learners’ Perceived Effects in Taiwan 18
Service-learning: The Research on the Practice Path of American College Students’ Career Education 23
Analysis of Freshman Seminars’ Teaching Mode and the Course Operation in American University———A Case Study in Harvard 27
Action Research on Promoting Students’ Mathematical Understanding 31
Creative Teaching in Design, Case Study of Botswana 34
The Creativity’s Mistakes 39
Teaching and Education Applied in Teaching and Studying of Surveying Experiment 42
Characteristics of Foreign Language Teaching: A Case Study on An American Early Childhood Educational Institution 46
Obstacles and Its Solutions on Teachers of New Undergraduate Course Colleges Bring Own Results of Science Research into Teaching and Studying 50
Investigating Argumentation by Combining Atlas-ti Qualitative Coding and WMatrix Online Corpus Analysis Tools 53
Construction of the Online Teaching Platform with Characteristics for Major of Medicine Information 57
Study on the Creative Education Methods of Computer Virus Theories and Prevention Course 61
Research and Practice of Task-driven Teaching Mode Based on Digital Platform 64
From “3+1”School- Running Model to “the Cultivation of the Outstanding Engineers” 68
Strict Demands on Students to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Studying of Our Universities 72
Thoughts on How to Achieve a Good Teacher-Student Interaction in the Large-size-class Teaching of Organizational Behavior Course 75
The Research on Harmonious Co-construction between Universities and Communities 79
Construction and Implementation of Practical Teaching System for Cultivating Applied Talents 83
Studying Problems of Thesis and Item about Confeering of Academic Titles in Zhejiang Higher Schools 88
Using Dual Model in Teaching Law to Business Students: A Research Agenda 91
An Analysis of Creativity Cultivation in Education in the USA 94
A Study of the Correlations among Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences 98
Analysis on Cultivating College Students’ Innovation Ability——Based on the Survey of Awarded Students in Challenge Cup 105
The Influence of Institutional Context on Females’ Self-efficacy Beliefs 109
Personal Background, Career Planning Education and College Students Employment ——Based on Logistic and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis 114
Attitude and Teaching Competency among Islamic Educators in Malaysia 118
The Influence of Belief about the Nature of Learning to the Achievement Goal Orientation of Undergraduate Students in Thailand 121
Based on the Problem of Consciousness Innovative Talent Training Strategy 124
The Implementation of Cooperative Learning in College English Teaching 128
Reformation and Practice of Vocational Mathematical Education Based on Mathematical Model 131
Exploring the Effectiveness of the Breath to Relax in Reducing the Job Stress of Preschool Education Teachers 135
Motivations for Receiving the Higher Education in the Early 2010s of PRC 139
On the Argument of Private Colleges’ Operation and Management 143
Factors That Influence Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Online Teaching 146
The Research of Local Colleges and Universities Entrepreneurship Education System Construction ——Based on the Cultivating of the College and University Students’ Innovative, Creative,Creating, Entrepreneurship Ability 151
The Research on the Transfer of Learning in Case-based Reasoning 155
Strategies to Strengthen Undergraduates’ Innovative Ability——A case study of the Bioengineering Department at Zhengzhou University 161
Study on Breadth of English Vocabulary and Language Comprehensive Ability based on Virtual Situated Teaching of Vocabulary 166
Universities of Science and Engineering Courses Teaching Reform and Innovation Explore ——Heuristic Problem-based Teaching 170
Inquiry-based Approaches Used in Teaching Digital Electronics 173
The Teaching Design and Implementation of Electrical Control Courses Group in Senior Vocational School 175
Creative and Innovative Teaching Method to Make Learning More Meaningful 178
Reflections on the Principles of Chemical Engineering Curriculum Design 181
University Should Value Material of Teaching and Studying to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Studying 183
Effectiveness of Skill Development through Undergraduate Global Mobility Programs——A case study of Tsinghua University 186
Creative Thinking in Drawing Production: The Impact of Visual Arts Training on Creativity of Preschool Teachers in Hong Kong 191
What Western Education Can Learn From Eastern Education 199
The Idea and Analysis of Art and Design Students’ Network Business Platform 203
The Comprehensive Cultivation of Innovative Talents Based on Practice Platform 207
Exploration and Practice of Using the Discussion Teaching Method in Higher Mathematics Teaching 212
Music and Creativity in Italian Schools ——From the Voice to Choral Singing 215
The Bibliometric and Content Analysis of Creative Education Researches from the Year 1990 to 2012 in China 219
Preschool Curriculum and Design on Changeable Dog 224
Teachers’ Knowledge of Contents and Activities in the new Basic Science Curriculum: Implication for Science Teacher Education in Nigeria 227
Developing Teams in Management Education: Practice 233
Innovative Research on Experimental Courses Based on the Software Platform in University with Marketing Specialty ——As Examples in Marketing Actual Combat 239
Performance of Home Economics Candidates in Core Subjects at West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination 243
Study on Employment-Oriented AEIOU Method and Hierarchical Classification Training Mode 250
Evoking E-Learning——A study on Post-Graduate participants learning experience of the online game, Urgent Evoke 255
Using a new Operation Assistive Software to Assist People with Multiple Disabilities to Improve Computer Pointing Ability through a Standard Mouse 259
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