The Possible Utopia: A Gift of Hope and Reason for Action—Changing the Course of History!


Today, the world’s current state reflects how we are living in a critical and chaotic time which brings multiple and challenging problems in social, economic, ecological and cultural aspects among many others. However, for women and men of good will, who yearn for a better, more human, and more solidary world, it is very encouraging that, despite this sad reality, there is a “possible utopia” that would change the course of history. But everybody asks themselves: How can we face a challenge of this magnitude? What path should we follow? Will man be able to change his mind and heart to do so? Will man have the faith, spirit and strength required? Will humanity be able to transform its creations of death into structures of life? What story should be built from now on to the future? It is an enormous and extremely complex task to have a better world, but if we are not willing to start, here and now, where and when will it be? And if we do not, who will? In this sense, Einstein and Edmund Burke challenge us as humanity, with their great motivating and appropriate statements: “If you want different results, do not do always the same” (as cited in Davidovich, Nikolay, Laugerman, & Commodore, 2010: p. 23) and “For evil to triumph [on earth] it is enough that good men do nothing” (as cited in Bartlett, 1968: p. 454; Kirk, 2009: p. 204; Landau, 2006: p. 222). Now, more than ever, it is the best time to start. Without a doubt, it is a monumental challenge, but also a “unique opportunity” that demands the availability of men and women, bold and brave, in order to unite their wills, to make possible the impossible, because our future as humanity is truly at stake.

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Rodiles, P. and Chevalier, J. (2015) The Possible Utopia: A Gift of Hope and Reason for Action—Changing the Course of History!. Open Journal of Leadership, 4, 47-53. doi: 10.4236/ojl.2015.42005.

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