Real-Time Lane Detection for Driver Assistance System


Traffic problem is more serious, as the number of vehicles is growing. Most of the road accidents were caused by carelessness of drivers. To reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve the safety and efficiency of traffic for many years around the world and company studies have been conducted on intelligent transport systems (ITS). Intelligent vehicle, (IV) the system is part of a system which is designed to assist drivers in the perception of any dangerous situations before, to avoid accidents after sensing and understanding the environment around itself. In this paper, it proposes architecture for driver assistance system based on image processing technology. To predict possible Lane departure, camera is mounted on the windshield of the car to determine the layout of roads and determines the position of the vehicle on line Lane. The resulting sequence of images is analyzed and processed by the proposed system, which automatically detects the Lane lines. The results showed of the proposed system to work well in a variety of settings, In addition computer response system is inexpensive and almost real time.

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Smadi, T. (2014) Real-Time Lane Detection for Driver Assistance System. Circuits and Systems, 5, 201-207. doi: 10.4236/cs.2014.58022.

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