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Copyright Protection of Digital Movies Using the Coalition of Technology and Law in China

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Copyright protection of digital movie is becoming increasingly important with increasing developing of the information technology. In China, unlimited replication and rapid propagation of the network makes it increasingly difficult to monitor the copyright piracy and illegal dissemination. Currently, encryption and tracking technology is predominantly used for copyright protection of digital film. The law is also committed to combating piracy and protecting copyright. But neither technical protection nor legal protection can achieve the protective effect that is necessary. Every year, the industry loses billions of dollars in revenue and faces the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. And Chinese laws do not define the consumer’s responsibilities. So the legal protection is a little weak in reality. This paper argues that there is a need for an alliance of technology and law. Copyright owners actively carry out technical protection to minimize the impact of piracy. Simultaneously, when the technical protection fails or has loopholes, the law shall punish the infringer severely according to the technical data and proof, and deter the offender. This is the better way to protect the copyright of digital film.

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