Advances in Alzheimer's Disease

Advances in Alzheimer's Disease

ISSN Print: 2169-2459
ISSN Online: 2169-2467


Prof.   Lei Xue,  Tongji University, China

Editorial Board

Prof.   Vladan P. Bajic,  University of Belgrade and Galenika Pharm, Serbia
Dr.   Ho-Yin Edwin Chan,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Dr.   Raymond Chuen-Chung Chang,  The University of Hong Kong, China
Dr.   Yu Chen,  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Prof.   Raymond T.F. Cheung,  University of Hong Kong, HK, China
Dr.   Robin D. Couch,  George Mason University, USA
Dr.   Jolanta Dorszewska,  Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland
Dr.   Felice Elefant,  Drexel University, USA
Dr.   J. Yuen-Shan Ho,  Macau University of Science and Technology, China
Dr.   Claudia Jacova,  University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr.   Sean James Miller,  Pluripotent Diagnostics Corp., USA
Dr.   Angela R. Kamer,  New York University, USA
Dr.   Andrew Chi-Kin Law,  The University of Hong Kong, China
Dr.   Shi Lin,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Dr.   Melinda Martin-Khan,  The University of Queensland, Australia
Dr.   Laura McIntire,  Columbia University, USA
Dr.   Peter J. Morin,  Boston University School of Medicine, USA
Dr.   Mario A. Parra,  University of Edinburgh, UK
Prof.   Ram Shanmugam,  Texas State University, USA
Prof.   Jean-Paul Soucy,  Université de Montréal, Canada
Prof.   Jian-Zhi Wang,  Tongji Medical College, China
Dr.   Yaroslav Winter,  Philipps University, Germany
Prof.   Xiao-Xin Yan,  Central South University Xiangya School of Medicine, China
Prof.   Hai Yan Zhang,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dr.   Liqin Zhao,  University of Kansas, USA
Prof.   Xin-Fu Zhou,  University of South Australia, Australia
Dr.   Lada Zivkovic,  The Faculty of Pharmacy University of Belgrade, Serbia
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