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Dr. Alan Hoi-Shou Chan

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

City University of Hong Kong, China

Email: alan.chan@cityu.edu.hk


BSc. (Eng.), MPhil., Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong (China)

Publications (selected)

  1. Chan, A.H.S. and Chan, K.W.L., 2013, Effects of Prospective-user Factors and Sign Design Features on Guessability of Pharmaceutical Pictograms, accepted for publication in Patient Education and Counselling.
  2. Chen, K., Chan, A.H.S., and Chan, S.C., 2012, Gerontechnology acceptance by older Hong Kong people, Gerontechnology, 11(2), 102-103.
  3. Yu, R.F., Chan, A.H.S. and Zhao, P., 2012, Does Knowing the Length of a Commercial Break Affect Consumer Response to Advertising? accepted for publication in International Journal of Advertising.
  4. Wong, A.T.C. and Chan, A.H.S., 2012, A Study of the Impact of Different Direction-of-motion Stereotypes on Response Time and Response Accuracy using Neural Network, accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics--Part A: Systems and Humans.
  5. Chan, A.H.S. and Hoffmann, E.R., 2012, Movement compatibility for configurations of displays located in three cardinal orientations and ipsilateral, contralateral and overhead controls, Applied Ergonomics, 43, 128-140.
  6. Tsang, S.N.H., Chan, A.H.S., and Yu, R.F., 2012, Effect of Display Polarity and Luminance Contrast on Visual Lobe Shape Characteristics, accepted for publication in Ergonomics.
  7. Ng, A.W.Y., Lo, H.W.C, and Chan, A.H.S., 2012, Usability Assessment of Safety Signs with the System Usability Scale (SUS): The Influence of Demographics Factors, IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies, Vol 7, Sio-Iong Ao, et al. (eds), World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, pp. 271-283, ISBN: 9789814390002.
  8. Tsang, S.N.H. and Chan, A.H.S., 2012, Spatial S-R Compatibility Studies on Fingers: A Review and Promising Directions of Further Research, IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies, Vol 7, Sio-Iong Ao, et al. (eds), World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, pp. 284-293, ISBN: 9789814390002.
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  16. Leung, D.Y.C., Yung, K.W., Ng, A., Leung, M.K.H. Leung and Chan, A.H.S., 2009, An overview of emissions trading and its prospects in Hong Kong, Environmental Science & Policy, 12, 92-101.

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