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Prof. John E. Prescott

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Professor of Business Administration


Email: Prescott@katz.pitt.edu



1983 Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Strategic Management

1978 M.Sc., Stevens Institute of Technology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

1976 B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Psychology


Publications (selected)

  1. A Temporal Perspective of Merger & Acquisition and Strategic Alliance Initiatives: Review and Future Research Directions (with WeiLei (Stone) Shi and Jing Sun) Journal of Management, 2012, 38, 1,
  2. Sequence patterns of firms’ acquisition and alliance behavior and their performance implications (with WeiLei (Stone) Shi) Journal of Management Studies, 2011
  3. Ambidextrous organizations and firm performance: the role of marketing function implementation (with Matt Sarkees and John Hulland) Journal of Strategic Marketing, Vol. 18, No. 2, April 2010, 163-182
  4. The strategic role of the board: the impact of board structure on top management team strategic action capabilities (with Michael Burns and Bongjin Kim) Corporate Governance: An International Review – 17, 6, 728-743, 2009
  5. Designing Alliance Networks: The influence of network position, environmental change and strategy on firm performance– (with Balaji Koka) Strategic Management Journal, 29, 6, 639-661, 2008
  6. "An exploratory comparative study on competitive intelligence of Korean and American companies" 2006 (with Kwangsoo Kim and Ravi Madhavan) Korean International Business Review, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp.153-169
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  9. “Forms of Deregulation, Variations in Speed of Governance Adaptation and Performance” (with Bongjin Kim) Academy of Management Review, 30, 2, April, 2005, 414-425
  10. “The Global Acquistion, Leverage and Protection of Technological Capabilities” (with Susan McEvily and Kathleen Eisenhardt)Strategic Management Journal, July 2004.
  11. “The Global Integration of Business Functions: A Study of Multinational Business Units in Global Industries,” (with Kwangsoo Kim and Jong-Hun Park). Journal of International Business Studies. 2003, 34, 4, 327 – 344. (An earlier version was the 1999 Winner of the Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award)
  12. “Strategic Alliances as Social Capital” (with Balaji Koka) Strategic Management Journal, 23, 9, 795-816, 2002
  13. Establishing A World-Class Competitive intelligence Function: Workbook. (with Alessandro Comai) EMECOM Ediciones, (April 2007)
  14. Competitive Intelligence: A Guide for Your Journey to Best-Practice Processes. (with Farida Hasanali, Paige Leavitt and Darcy Lemons) APQC (March 2004)
  15. Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence: Lessons from the Trenches (John E. Prescott and Steve Miller, editors), New York: John Wiley & Sons (April 2001). Translated into Chinese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese (For the Brazilian Market)
  16. Early warning during the industry convergence process: the influence of alliances on acquisition timing (with Sean Tsu-Hsiang Hsu) In X. Xie (Ed.) Progress in Competitive Intelligence: Beijing, Science and Technology Literature Press (forthcoming)
  17. Strategic pacing in acquisition and alliances: A temporal view (with Weilei Shi) forthcoming in Strategic Alliances for Value Creation (T.K. Das, editor)


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