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Dr. Ning Wang

School of Politics & Global Studies

Arizona State University, USA

Assistant Professor of Global Studies


Email: ningwang@asu.edu



2002 Ph.D., University of Chicago, Human Development

1996 M.A., University of Chicago, International Relations

1993 M.Ed., Guangzhou Teachers’ College, Social Psychology

1990 B.Sc., Beijing University, Psychology


Publications (selected)

  1. Coase, Ronald and Wang, Ning. How China Became Capitalist. Palgrave Macmillan. (Forthcoming, March 23, 2012) [Wang wrote the first draft and the two authors collaborated on revisions] The Chinese edition will be published by China CITIC Press in June 2012.
  2. Wang, Ning. Making a Market Economy: The Institutional Transformation of a Freshwater Fishery in a Chinese Community. New York: Routledge, 2005. [Reviewed in Contemporary Sociology, China Journal, and China Perspective]
  3. Chen, Weiqi, Dai, Jianling, and Wang, Ning. Cultural Psychology: Culture and Mind. Zhongshan University Press, 1993 (in Chinese). [equal contribution from authors]
  4. Coase, Ronald and Wang, Ning. 2011. “The Industrial Structure of Production: A Research Agenda for Innovation in an Entrepreneurial Economy,” Entrepreneur Research Journal, Issue 2, Article [online]URL: http://www.bepress.com/erj/vol1/iss2/1/ [Wang wrote the first draft and the two authors collaborated on revisions]
  5. Wang, Ning, 2009. “From Markets to Economic Governance: Ostrom’s Winning of the Nobel Prize and the Future of Economics,” Economic Perspective (in Chinese), December 2009, pp. 94-100.
  6. Jacobson, David and Wang, Ning. 2008. “What if the Model Does not Tell the Whole Story? The Clock, the Natural Forest and the New Global Studies.” New Global Studies 2(3), Article 2. [online] URL: http://www.bepress.com/ngs/vol2/iss3/art2/ [equal contribution from authors]
  7. Wang, Ning. 2007. “Measuring Transaction Costs: Diverging Approaches, Conflicting Practices.” Division of Labour & Transaction Costs 2(2), pp. 111-46.
  8. Jacobson, David and Wang, Ning. 2007. “The Intellectual Foundations of Global Studies.” Global-E: A Journal of Global Studies 1(1): 15 (May). [online]: URL: http://global-ejournal.org/2007/05/15/jacobson/ [equal contribution from authors]
  9. Wang, Ning. 2003. “Coase on the Nature of Economics.” Cambridge Journal of Economics 27(6), pp. 807-29.
  10. Wang, Ning. 2001. “The Co-Evolution of Institutions, Organizations, and Ideology: The Longlake Experience of Property Rights Transformation.” Politics and Society 29 (3), pp. 415-45.
  11. Wang, Ning. 1999. “Transaction Costs and the Structure of the Market: A Case Study.” American Journal of Economics and Sociology 58 (4), pp. 783-805.
  12. Coase, Ronald and Wang, Ning. 2010.“Ten Questions for Chinese Economic Research,”China Reform (中国改革) (in Chinese), (March), pp. 86-89. [Wang wrote the first draft and the two authors collaborated on revisions]  
  13. Wang, Ning. 2003. “Measuring Transaction costs: An Incomplete Survey,” Ronald Coase Institute Working Paper 2. [online] URL: http://coase.org/workingpapers/wp-2.pdf 


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