Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH 2013)(E-BOOK)


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As the development of the industrialization and information technology, psychology has
become a hot topic in diverse areas. Lots of relevant research achievements have been coming out.
The Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony (CPSH2013) will be a platform for numerous
experts and scholars freely exchanging the research results and information on General
Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Consumer Psychology and
so on.
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Meanwhile, we would like to express our appreciation to our committee members and the
The Proceeding has concisely and duly presented the latest research results for all the authors.
We hope all of the readers can benefit from it.
Finally, thanks again for all the attention and support from our authors. The Organizing
Committee is looking forward to the continued support from the scholars.


“What can We do to Stop it?” Indirect Aggression among Teenage Girls and Interventions to Address It 1
Attention Orienting by Gazes is Affected by the Number of Face Stimuli 6
A General Overview of Subjective Well-being 12
Phonetic Advantage for the Perceptual Interference Effect of Memory 17
The Research and Design of the Psychological Evaluation Network System of College Students 23
The History of Russian Aviation Psychology’s Development 27
China’s Future Role in Developing World Social Harmony 29
Physiological Measurement of Video Game Engagement 33
The Relationship between Perfectionism and Suicide Ideation in College Students 37
The Emergence and Development of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 41
The Scale Confirmation on the Related Factors of Coming Out in the Homosexual Individuals 45
Compromised Adaptability in Individuals with Motor Difficulties 50
The Study of Relation of Bullying Behavior Characteristics, Personality and Parental Rearing Patterns of Rural Junior Middle School Student 54
The Effect of Emotion on Task Switching of Temporal Distribution 58
Measuring Creativity in Singaporean Young Adults 63
Dynamics and the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and the Emotional Focus of Comprehensive School Teachers 67
Why Weibo Attracts Youth?——The Perspective of Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of Needs 72
The Order Approach to the Study of Organizational Culture: Power a Culture in an Organization 76
A Study on the Application of Psychometric Tools for Employee Mental Consultation ——the Comparison of SmartIn, SF-36 & CES-D 78
Influence of Attitude Attribution to Others on the Coping Behavior of University Students 82
Research on Sport Situational Motivation of Aerobics Athletes in University 87
Study on Teaching Resource Integration Based on the Cooperative Teaching Mode for Physiological Psychology Course 91
From Negative to Positive: The Shiftiness of the Focus on 96
“What do you think about it”?-Formative Assessment and University Students’ Representations 100
The Relevance of Videogames in the Development of Children: Analysis of Learning the Skylanders 104
The Effect of Sanctioning Systems on Trust and Cooperative Behaviors in Public Goods Dilemmas 109
Modeling and Verification of the Structure of Motivation for Chinese College Students in the Participation of Innovative Technology Activities 113
Study on the Teaching Model of Cooperative Learning in Higher Education 117
Artistic and Creative Education of Schoolchildren and its Forms in Modern Socio-Сultural Context 121
Under the Influence of Positive Psychology Research the Relationship between Teachers and Students 125
To Problem of Research of Subjective Well-being of Person 128
The Eye Movement Research of Cognitive Differences between Value Extraction and Relation Comparison in Graph Comprehension 132
The Role of Value-based Social Capital for Donation Behavior—— The case of social belonging and charity in Switzerland 138
The Perception of Tourist Destination Risk:A Conflict Case Study 142
On Team Bilingual Cooperation Teaching Pattern of Experimental Psychology in Normal Colleges 146
A Survey of the History of Resilience 150
The Relationship between Confucianism and Taoism Emotion Regulation Strategies and Mental Health 154
Let Me Introduce Myself: The Role of First Posts in Establishing a Common-Identity Community in an Online Support Forum 158
Developing of University Students’ Psychological Insecurity Questionnaire 164
The Research of TCM Psychological Therapy for Subthreshold Depression 168
Apperceiving Undergraduates’ Expectation to Faculty Realizing Four “Integrations” in Teaching 172
A Moderated Mediation Model of the Relationship between Psychological Safety Climate and Safety Outcomes 176
The Impact Mechanism of Music on Driving Safety 180
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