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The 4th International Conference on Engineering and Business Management (EBM2013) will be held from March 11~13, 2013 in Wuhan,China.The conference proceedings will be published by Scientific Research Publishing. All papers accepted will be submitted to CPCI database for indexing.
The Research on Urban Traffic Sustainable Development Based on PCA-DEA Model 1
The Study for the Development of Beijing City to Global City View from the Project Continuable Development Theory 6
Study on Spatial -Temporal Pattern of Regional Economic in Gannan Soviet Area 11
The Analysis of Risks on the Issue and Use of Electronic Money 16
On the Asymmetry between Risk and Returns in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Credit Guarantee System 20
Research on Urban Vulnerability and Countermeasures 24
The Approaches of the Law Guarantee about the Social Stability Risks Evaluation of Major Issues 28
Studying on the Linkage Mechanism between Local Financial Risk and Local Government Liabilities 33
Economic Security Defense System and Its Structure 38
The Capability Evaluation about Service Innovation of the State-Owned Commercial Banks 42
Empirical Analysis on the Role of Development of Service Industry in the Economic Development Mode Shift ——Case of Henan Province 46
Research on Health Industry Development Mechanism of Tourism City: Taking Guilin as an Example 50
A Research into the Tourism Resource Management System in China—— An Analysis Based on the Aspect of National Garden Management System 54
Research on Risk Control of Bidding Process for Construction Project 57
Study on the BIM Service Center in Large-scale Construction Projects ——Taking Jinan Culture and Art Center Project as an Example 61
The Construction Agency’S Reasonable Profit Research Based on System Dynamics 66
The Inspiration to the Mainland of China from Some Developed Countries’ Legislation on the Issue of Cultivating Skilled Talents 70
Urban Rain-flood and Its Countermeasures for Urbanization and Construction in Yichang City 74
The Situation and Strategy Research on Rael Estate Project Management 78
Rural Land Consolidation and Land Ecological Protection 82
Study on the Development of Suburban Leisure Agriculture 86
Study on Dynamical System and It’s Action Mechanism for Tourism Circular Economy 90
Recent Findings in the Field of Biology on Viable but Non-Culturable Bacteria 94
Analysis of the Present Status of Green Printing Industry in China 98
The Network Governance of Rural Environment 101
Review on Push Factors & Dynamics of Firms Innovation 106
The Value Appropriation Code of Encouraging Innovation 109
A Study on Heat and Moisture Comfort of Modified Flax Clothing 114
The Effect of the Diameter of Surface Hairiness and Fiber Bending Resistance on Prickle of Linen Clothing 118
A Research on the Mechanism of Enterprise Dynamic Capability Formation on the Perspective of Knowledge Innovation 122
Study on Passenger Service Quality Gap Model and Management Selection Area in Rail Transit 127
Comparison between EVA and Traditional Accounting Index and Its Practical Use 132
Research on Enterprise Environmental Cost Accounting Based on Low Carbon Economy 136
Dilemma and Countermeasures for East Asian Countries in the Choice of Exchange Rate System 139
Macroeconomic Information and Stock Price Synchronization 144
Pricing Defaultable Debt under the Gaussian HJM Model 148
Which One to Blame, Data, Application, or Interpretation? ------- A Note to Fresh Business Students 152
Teaching Quality Evaluation Method of “Organizational Behavior” Based on Grey Relational Weighted TOPSIS 157
The Efficiency Evaluation of Railway in Jiangsu Based on the Socio-Economic Impacts 161
Information System for the Evaluation and Labeling of Civil Buildings Energy Efficiency 166
The Comparison of Effects on Integration of Renewable Portfolio Standard Regulation and Market Instruments 171
The Study of the Damage Feature of Segments and Wall Rock Deformation When Constructing Shield Tunnel on the Condition of Non-grouting 176
Research on Tonghua and Dandong Economic Belt-Building in the Eastern Part of Northeast of China Economic Zone 182
Study on the Competitiveness of Marine High-Tech Industrial 186
Empirical Research Based on the Mortality of China under Lee-Carter Model 190
Financial Support for Agricultural Development Efficiency Evaluation - 2000-2011 Jilin Agricultural Development 194
The Analysis and Enlightenment of Jilin Agricultural Policy Insurance System’ Operation Efficiency 198
The Comparison Research on Several Kinds of Poverty Measurement Methods 201
The Analysis on Individual Affective Differences and Propensities of Second Language Learners 206
The Multiple Responsibilities in Terms of Low Carbon 209
The Performance Evaluation on Listed Companies in China’s Shandong Province Based on Stakeholders 213
The Effectiveness of the Cultural Differences on HRM Practices of MNCs Operating in Vietnam 218
Study on Outspread Divestiture 223
Reciprocal Effect of Executive Characteristic and Equity Incentive on Performance 228
The Study on Multinational Corporations’ Social Responsibility from the Contingency Theory’s Perspective 231
The Formation and Development of China’s Combination Model of Social Pooling and Individual Accounts 235
Study on Creation of Brand Personality of Women's Clothing 240
Institutional Legitimacy’s Impact on Non-Performance Loan Ratio of Listed Banks in China 243
The Compliance Construction of Chinese Enterprises Transnational Operations 248
Competitive Strategy in Internet Business Environment 251
The Evaluation Model of High-tech Enterprise Survival Risks in Binhai New Area 255
IT Enterprises Financial Crisis Early Warning Mechanism and Model Research ——Based on the Data of Chinese listed Companies 259
The Transformation of the Path Choice of Jiangmen’S Advanced Manufacturing Industry 263
The Supplier Selection Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation 267
A Study on Construction and Application of the Strategy-based Organizational Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System 271
Discussion of Effective Management in Macau’s Hospitality Industry 275
Empirical Study on the Effect of Leadership Style and Psychological Empowerment on Employees’Job Satisfaction 278
The New View about the Performance Duties of Managers 282
Study on the Motivate Mechanism of Diversity Teachers in Military Academy 286
Study on How to Establish Instructor System by Make Full Use of Force Resources 290
Linking Commitment-Based HR Practices and Employee Innovative Behavior: The Influence of Psychological Empowerment 293
The Analysis and Strategy of Advanced Talent Persons Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jilin Province 297
Analysis on the Responsibilities of Top Management in the Enterprise Performance Management 301
Discussion on Common Problems in Design of Performance Evaluation Index 305
Research on University Human Resources Management Motivate Mechanism 309
Multinational Commercial Banks Pay Centralized Management Research 314
The Literature Review of Postdoctoral System Based on Content Analysis 322
A Research on Measurement Model of Differentiation Degree for China’s Rural Human Resources 327
Reason Analysis on Low Ratio of Input and Output of College Students’ Haman Capital Investment 331
A Study on the Construction of Human Resources of New Upgraded Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Strategic Management ——To Take Guangxi Vocational College of Business and Technology as a case study 334
On the Effective Ways of the Micro-enterprises Employees Training Based on the School-enterprise Cooperation 339
On the High Skills Talents Team Construction Based on the Government Action 343
A Study on the Construction of Performance Evaluation System of Enterprise Annuity Fund 348
The Influence of Allocentrism-Idiocentrism on Abusive Supervision: Similarity as a Moderator 352
The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Work Performance of R & D Personnel 355
The Systemic Optimization Analysis of Path on Staff Qualification Certification of Telecom Enterprises 359
An Initial Study: How Negative Online WOM Influence Consumer’S Brand Attitude Change 364
The Study of Influencing Factors on Customer Satisfaction: A Meta View 368
Case Study Strategy in Business and Marketing Research 372
Determinants of Repurchase Intention in E-commerce:A Literature Review and Hypothesis 376
Question Bank Reform of Marketing 380
Low Carbon Design Optimization of Shenzhen Daxing Automotive Marketing Channel 384
New Characteristics and Its Enlightment for The Tobacco Circulation System in The U.S. 389
The SWOT Analysis and Development Strategies of Regional Internet of Things Industry——A Case Study on Xuzhou City 392
Digital City Management System Based on Android 396
Can Economic Coperation Famework Agreement Early Harvest List Improve Taiwan's Economy? 399
The Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Trade Openness on Outward FDI 403
Measurement to Jiangxi’s Logistics Industry Production Efficiency and Analysis of its Environmental Impact Factors——Empirical Research based on the Model of Cross-Efficiency DEA and Tobit 407
Why We Need New Framework to Enable Supply Chain Management Adopt the New Turbulence World Dynamic Business Environment 410
Study on Teaching Reform of Logistics Management in Higher Vocational Schools Based on TAFE System ——Take Purchasing Management as an Example 415
The Research of Emergency Resource Support Mode of Unconventional Emergency 419
Analysis for Inventory Management Based On Pledge Supervision 423
A Design of Plant Layout in a Factory Based on SLP 427
Logistics financial cost and benefit analysis Based on the logistics enterprise ------- Based on the logistics enterprise 432
The Study on Experimental Teaching Method for Logistics Management -----the analysis and design of enterprise logistics system based on business simulation 436
Research on Construction of Regional Bulk Cement Logistics System 440
A Web-based Analysis of Sustainable Transportation Curricula 444
The Combination of Micro Power Grid and Large Power Grid 448
Predicting China's Property Insurance Premium Income by GM (1,1) Model 451
Research on the Cost Control of Handling Emergencies Based on Project Management 455
Discussion on the Using of a Comprehensive Theory in Project Management in Water Supply Engineering 460
A Study of Life Cycle Management Mode of Power Projects 465
The Development of Information Ethical and Its Predicament Crack 468
Empirical Study on the Source of China’s Foreign Trade Surplus 472
Analysis on How to Efficiently Improve the English Teaching Quality in the Primary Commanding Military Academy of CAPF 475
Draw Lessons from Apple’s experience, Improve the IP Utilization Ability of the Smart Mobile Terminal Company in China 479
Research on Problems of Intellectual Property Management of Chinese Universities 483
The Business Process Management in Knowledge-Based Enterprise 488
The Research of Local Colleges’ Function Deepening On Social Service Based on the Needs of SMEs 492
Constructing the Synergism Innovation Mode of University Intellectual Property Strategy Based on the Stakeholder 495
Constructing the Synergism Innovation Mechanism on Transformation of University Scientific and Technological Achievements 499
On Quality Regulation of Food Safety in China 504
Research on the Application of Total Productive Maintenance in Enterprise 508
The Effect of Market Orientation on the Use of Relation Marketing Promotion Tools and Performance 512
Major Service Quality Factors Impact Hypermarket 515
Study Specialist Schools Development in Middle Taiwan 519
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