The Conference on Web Based Business Management (WBM 2012)


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With the development of the industrialized and information-based society, management has become a hot topic in diverse areas. Many scholars have done some studies on the topic of Web Based Business Management and lots of relevant research achievement has been coming out. The Conference on Web Based Business Management will be a platform for numerous experts and scholars freely exchanging the research results and information on E-Commerce, E-Government, Process improvement, Human Resource Management, Information Security and Investment Analysis and so on.

Thanks to our sponsors Wuhan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Jimei University, Northwest A&F University, Scientific Research Publishing and Engineering Information Institute. Meanwhile, we would like to express gratitude to our committee members and the reviewers.

The proceeding has concisely and duly presented the latest research results for all the authors. We hope all of the readers can benefit from it. Finally, thanks again for all the attention and support from our authors. The Organizing Committee is looking forward to the continued support from the scholars.

The Cost Risk Management Research during the Construction Phase 1

Zhenzhen XIE, Na WU

The Model Construction of Supply Chain Risk Identification, Risk Evaluation and Incentive Decision 6

Ping JIA, Qiang Wang

Cultural Crisis and Dissolve under Perspective of Risk Society 10

Jia WANG, Yanjing YOUNG

Risk Analysis and Suggestions for Group-buying Websites 14

Huang Wei, Sun Wencui

Analysis and Suggestions on Operation Risk for the Third-party Transaction Platform Provider in C2C Market 18

Huang Wei, XiaMang

The Analysis of Investors’ Risk and Prevention in Urban Rail Traffic Project Based on BT Financing Model 22

Nana ZHANG, Jing LIU

Empirical Research on Business Group’s Credit Risk Based on PNN 26

Lei XIAO, Li LI, Jiawen XIAO

Colleges and universities teaching quality control digital management 30

Zhong Jixiang

Research on the Ideas of Tumen River Delta Non-sensitive Areas Cooperation 34

Yuzhi ZHANG, Jiapei HAN

Development of Levels of American Transport Service in Bridges 37

Yishun Tian

Study on Plane Intersection Channelization Design Based on Traffic Safety 41

Yuxian DING, Ningbo MA, Jingfei YU

Reviews of Emergency Evacuation by Transportation 44

Shou CHEN, Pengfei YANG, Chao MAO

Study on Laid-off Workers Re-employment in the View of Harmonious Society——Based on the Survey in the F Street 49

Ti ZHANG, Bin LI, Duo XU, Shipeng NING

Renewable Energy Production Forecast-Based on the American Production Data 53

Mingyu LI, Guangsheng ZHANG

Research into Coastal Resources Compensatory from the Perspective of Intergenerational Ethics 57

Si-si LIU, Zheng YANG

On Comparison and Inspiration of Decision –Making Model of Regional and Basin water Management 61

Canghai FAN

Primary Investigation into Management Ethical Thoughts by Lao Tzu 66

Fengguang Ma

Application of Sunzi's art of war in enterprise management 70

Xiao Lei

The Compare innovation environment of higher talent on Jinlin Province 74


Analysis on the Game between Large Shareholders under Ownership Concentration 77

Na Cui, Hanmin Liu

Performance Evaluation of the Enterprise’ ISO9001 Certification 81

Xiaohong YUN

The Empirical Research to the Level of Voluntariness of Listed Companies to Adopt XBRL Standard to Disclo-sure Information 86

Hui CAO, Jian SUN

Sensitivity Analysis on Hidden Demand of Banking financial products 90

Xiaofeng HUI, Lei FAN, YiFei MAO

Study on the brand management of hot spring tourism enterprise-Taking Yunnan as an example 94

Li Congyuan, Lv Wanqing

Change or Adapt to the environments? -an Evolutionary Game Analysis for decision-making of enterprises 99

Lianmei Luo, Hanmin Liu

On the Confucian thoughts of management and Its Modern Significance 103

Xiao Lei

Accounting Credit and Countermeasures Thinking 106

An Empirical Study of the operating performance before and after the listing of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China- Based on analysis of 2002-2010 Annual Report 109


A literature review of entrepreneurial failure 114

Xiao ZHANG, Lina HU, Lihong SUI

Evolutionary Equilibrium Analysis on the Selection of Tech-nology Strategy for Enterprises based on the Cournot Quan-tity Competition 118

Jiaxi MA, Jianli LUO

Research on the Mechanism of Risk Conduction of Network Organization Based On Joint Enterprise Crisis 122

Zhengyin PENG, Qifan YANG

The Ampirical Analysis on Affective Factors of Our Country Commercial Bank Efficiency 126

YAN Xiao-Ming

Research on Relationship between Corporate Governance Ability and Corporation Value 131

Wuyi, Yumei He

A Dynamic Game Analysis on Intellectual Property Right and Technology Innovation, Social Welfare 136

YAN Xiao-Ming

Construction of Enterprise Strategic Performance Evaluation System ----Based on the Integration of the Balanced Score Card and Economic Value Added 141

Maohua XIE, Wei WANG, Dan WANG


LIU Zhonghua

Analysis on Supply Chain Finance of SMEs based on the theory of Systematic Science 149

Xiaomin WANG, Qingjun MENG, Feifei YU

Functions positioning of the Chief Financial Officer in the post-financial crisis era 154


On the Current Situation and Strategy of Culture Industry Development in Liaoning province 158

Hua YANG, Guocong CHANG

An Empirical Study on Board Characteristics and Fi-nancial Sustainable Growth:A Panel Data of Chinese A-share Listed Companies 162

Weidong SU

The Analysis of Implementing Platform as a Service in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Informationization Construction 166

Jin Nie, Xueting Liu, Jiajia Han

A Study on Microblog Marketing Strategies for Chinese Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 170

Nie Jin, Han Jiajia, Liu Xueting

Research on the selection of EMU drivers based on com-petency 175

Tao Li, Long Ye

Analysis on target and suggestion of structure adjustment of rural human resources training 179

Guoqin Xue

Organizational Behavior of New Generation Employees: A Literature Review 183

Yu-hua XIE, Jia CHEN

The Analysis on how to transfer the training results to the job performance 187


Based on the equalization of public services to explore China’s basic medical insurance 190

Shuang ZHU

Studies on the Development of Human Resources of the ecological immigrant in Ningxia 194


The mechanism of job insecurity and intervention strategies 198


Research on the Negative Effects of Emotional Labor from the Perspective of Huaman Resource Management 202

Hua Wan, Huaying Wan

Research on standardization of human capital property for CAPF 207

Qian Xie, Laixi Jia, Yuan Xie

Research on Emerging Industry Talent Demand Forecast Based on Grey Theory 211

Nengjin TIAN, Jiangang WANG, Yujie ZHANG, Tingting Liu, Zhidong Li

The Work and Family Conflict Problem of Professional Women and its Balance Strategy 215

Xiaochun ZHANG, Fang MA

A study on Mechanisms of Performance Management for Mediocre and Lazy Employees in the Public Sector 219

Yun-Hsiang TIEN

The Gender Study in the field of Technology: Review and Perspective of Researches on Female Human Resources in Technology 223

Yun-Hsiang TIEN

Effect to Employing Decision-making When Procedure of Recruitment Changes 227

Yichun ZHANG, kuixi CHEN

Integrated the PZB and HoQ Model to the Quality of Work Life Improvement-A Case Study of the Army Volunteer Soldiers 230

Yann Fang. Chu

Research on HR Management of Chinese Corporate under the Background of Internet 235

Huang Wei, Guo Mengfei

Application research on broadband compensation performance evaluation Based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation 240

HUI SUN, Junfeng HE

Research on the Equity Incentive Based on Systems Science Theories 244

Qingjun Meng, Qinqin Jiang, Feifei Yu

Problems in Enterprises’ Activities of Selecting and Cul-tivating Innovative Talents and the Ecological Counter-measures 249

Zhangcui GUO, Qingjun MENG, Yipeng LI, Feifei YU

Empirical research of overseas talents attraction based on game theory and incentive model 254

Yinghong Zhang, Yichen Chen, Hengjin Cai

Human Resources Development and Usage Application in the Industry of Exhibition -Taking Chongqing as an example 259

Baowei ZHANG, Daokui JIANG

Research on the Middlemen Management Strategies Based on Its Classification 263

Dongning LU, Xiaofang LI

Analysis on Network Marketing Strategies of Tourist Attrac-tions Based on Immersion Effect 267

Yueping LIU

Anhua Dark Tea Brand Positioning Based on the Theory of Niche 270

Wei FANG, Luqian huang

The innovative marketing strategies of micro-enterprises 274

huimei Ke, peng Guo

A Study on Marketing Strategies for Adolescent Cellular Phones based on Clustering Segmentation 278

Liang-Chyau Sheu, Pen-Hsi Liou

Characteristic and Promotion Research about Popular Clothing and Accessories E-Marketing 282

Pingping MENG

Study of Tourist Satisfaction Degree of Huaguo Moutain in Lianyungang City 288


The Coordination between Supply and Demand in Supply Chain Management 292

Yefei Zhong

Discuss on the Supply and Demand Cooperation Mode Change of Global Manufacture Caused by Japanese Earthquake 295

Shuangshuang TAO, Shunxu GUO

The improvement of logistics information system based on the technology of GIS- The visible logistics platform 299

Lifeng Li, Shifeng Liu

An Inventory Model with General Time-varying Demand and Stock-dependent Demand Rate 303

Youjun ZHOU, Yiqian PAN

Study on Optimizing Way of Agriculture Products Lo-gistics Channels in Inner Mongolia 307

Xiaodan TANG

The Construction of Logistical Public Information Platform Architecture based on Cloud Computing 311

Yu LIU, Xiao XIAO, Zhenji ZHANG, Xiaolan GUAN

Research on a Model of Agricultural Product Logistics Service Based on the System of Cloud Logistics 315

Zhenhan YU

Selection of Suppliers Based on Risk Identification 319

Yong sheng LIU, Chuan yang WANG

Research on the Vehicle Transport Management of the Logistics Enterprise Based on the Process Method 324

Yajun WANG, Chunhua TIAN, Yun SHI, Liangkun TIAN, Chuanzhou Jin

Executive Mechanism of Chinese Armed Police Force Emergency Logistics Based on SIPOC Model 328

Jun LIU, Yuan SHI

The Inventory Model of Life Circle Products Based on Reservation Sale 332

Youjun ZHOU

Study of the Logistics Enterprise Development Path based on Niche Theory 336

Sun Wenxia, Yin Weihua

The Inspiration of BOT Mode in Shanxi Jin Hou Highway 340

ZHAO Peng-fei

Analysis for Regional Transit Model of Bei’an Logistics Park 344

Ren Jie

Analysis of Indemnificatory Housing Distribution Diffi-culties and Resolving Ways 348

Nana ZHANG, Jing LIU

The Analysis of Improving the X-efficiency of the Project Management Team at Basis of the Action of Alliance 352


Research on Project Orientation of Commercial Real Estate 356

Jingjing YIN

Research on the Relationship Between the Government and Developers on the Housing Price 360

Meiting CHEN, Juan Zhao, Jingjuan GUO

The Design Units’ Liability of the Compensation for the Damages on the Construction Project Quality 364

Qi Geqi

Review of Design Structure Matrix Implementation on Architecture Engineering Construction 368

Jianlin JIANG, Jianguo CHEN

Research of Communication Management Mechanism of In-formationize Projects(IP) in Across- Area Implementing(AAI) 373

Yuehong Xu

The Current Situation and Enlightenment of Multinational Knowledge Transfer in Holley Group Co.,Ltd 379

Tianying JIANG, Wei SUN

Research on Sustainable Development of Economy of Knowledge Based on Evolutionary Theory of Industrial Structure 382

Zhaohui QIN

The Relationships among Innovation Networking, Knowledge Acquisition and Firm Resources 386

Rui YAO, He WU, DaoQin HAN

Sentiment analysis-based decision support system for Chinese media monitoring 390

E.W.T. Ngai, P. Y. F. Chai, Y. S. Choi, Ryan Sin

Research on Jiangsu University Knowledge Innovation and Transfer Capability Evaluation Based on Entropy Method 394

Jie WU, Tingting LIU, Yujie ZHANG

The Constraints and Path of College Students’ Education of Power Concept 398

Li Bingshui, Ji Yueru, Zhu Mingyin

Implications of Knowledge Management on College English Teaching 402

Rong Yingying

Research on the Governance Mechanisms of Knowledge Alliance 405

Lijuan LU

Business Process Oriented Knowledge Communication and Collaboration 409

Guanwei HUANG

Agile process quality control 413

Shang huihua, Dai huichuan

Positive Analysis of Effecting Factors of China’s Grain Yield in Different Periods 417

Huiling Song

Empirical Analysis on Income Fairness and Efficiency since the Reform and Open to the Outside World in Our Country* 422

Xu Hai-ping

The Research on Chinese Foreign Language Training Market’s Access Mechanism 426

Keyu BAO, Cibo ZHOU

The Analysis on Regional Disparity of Economic Growth in Fuzhou City based on Shift-Shared Method 429


The Research on the visualization of Enterprise Asset Management Based on WebGIS 433

Wenjian Zhu, Liping lin

Based on BPR association iterative a new generation of i-commerce union mode 436

Liuxiang JI, Xiaozhi DING, Ge SHENG

How to Regulate the Structure of China’s B2C and C2C E-commerce Industry-An Analysis Based on the Theory of Contestable Markets 440


A Prediction Study of Transac-tions Based on E-commerce Site Search Data 445

Bian WANG, Geng PENG, Xin YANG, Shichun HAN

A Forecast Study of HIV/AIDS new infections Based on Baidu Search Data 450

Na LI, Geng PENG, Yajun SU, Yana ZHAO

Study on Managerial Mechanisms for Web Services 455

Zheng YANG, Huiying LI, Cunlin ZHANG, Qingyue WU

The ecological environment construction of regional information -- Cobweb model - based inquiry 459

He Shaohua, Zhaotao

Electronic Commerce model innovation of agricultural products in Heilongjiang province 465

Luda SHI, Xiaomei ZHANG

Multifunctional City Smart Card based on M/Chip Advance Technology 469

Vedat Coskun, Busra Ozdenizci, Fahri Soylemezgiller, Murat Kalender

E-commerce credit transparency theory analyses 473

LI Anyu, Li Hui


Shiju ZHANG, Xiaoli Song, Juan Wang

The Strategies to the Separation and Development of Productive Service Industry from Manufacturing Industry 481

Jianhua ZHANG, Kun WANG

Analysis on the Path of Financial Support to the Development of Home-based Care Services for the Aged in China Urban 485

Yuhong WEI

Analysis On Open Sutiaton and Efficiency In Cultural Industries In China 489

OuYang Youwang, Xu Yi

The Empirical Study on the Interactive Development Relationship between Information Technology and Producer Service Industry 494

WEI Junying, Ma Lunjiao

Analysis of different occupational impact on the perception of economic of Shanghai World Expo 498

Rong Yuan1, Shunyong Yang, Zhongyuan Kou

Research on the Evaluation of Students Venture Service Quality Provided by Universities 502

Zhiqiang MA, Peng SUN

Developing E-governance for Social Management Innovation in Guangxi 506

Zhi-liu ZENG

Social Management Innovation in the New Era: A Case Study of Shenzhen Taoyuan Model 510

Zhi-liu ZENG

Our Country Community Geriatric Services Development and Strategies 514

Yuhong WEI

Study on the Mechanism of the Agglomeration Development of Productive Service 518

Ming-xian WANG, Dong WANG, Yu-xin Li

China's strategic choice on USD’s over- issuing 522


Research on BOT Financing Mode of the Urban Life Garbage Disposal Project 526

Liying ZHANG

Empirical Analysis on the Relation between RMB Real Effective Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Zhejiang Province 530

Kefang LIU

Controlling shareholders of the financial report of listed companies the influence of robustness empirical research 534

Chen Weitao, Yang Zhonghai, Cheng Yingchun

Reasons and Solutions for the Low Quality of CPAs Auditing 538

Gu Shusheng

Index Stock Selection: From Network Analysis Perspective 541

Bo Xu, Lu Liu

How to Overcome the Financing Difficulties Brought By Indemnificatory Apartment Construction? 546

Hongjie BAO, Lianfa RUAN, Haizhen WEN

Research on the Effect of Market Discipline of Commercial Banks in China 550

Jian WANG, Fenglian WEI

Research of the High Inter-Dependence between the Real Estate and the Banking and the Related Risks 554

Juan ZHAO, Meiting CHEN, Jingjuan GUO

A Simulation Study of Social Collapse Based on Asymmetrical Eagle-Dove Games 558

Wenjing ZHA, Yue ZHAO, Yiping WU, H. J. CAI

Study on a Case of Rural Handicraft's Operating Mechanism -From the Survey on Willow Industry in ShanDong 562

Nai-an LIU

MFCA to analysis the influences of enterprise management policy 566

Jia Wanjun, Sun Jian

Research on Location and Countermeasures of Development of Biological Industry in JiLin Province 570


Outlook for Tidal Power Generation Technology 574

Li Yuchao, Zheng Jingwen

Status Quo of Research on Wind Power Prediction 578

Li Yuchao, Zheng Jingwen

Overview of Smart Grid 582

Zheng Jingwen, Li Yuchao

Analysis on Incentive Function of Enterprise Culture on Employees ——Take Central Line China Estate Tenancy Consultant Limited Liability Company as an Example 586

Xiao Xingzheng, Zhang Ligui, Liu Yan

Enterprise Content Management-A Challenge for Organizational Information Management 590

?zgür KüLCü, Tolga ?AKMAK

The research on livestock excreta resource-oriented utilization mode of Anda based on Circular Economy Theory 594

Yaqi Yang Xiaomei Zhang

The Guidance of China's Foreign Investment Policy and Countermeasures of Jilin Province Utilizing Foreign Capital 598

Tao LI, FangWANG

Study on the Development of Foreign Language Training Market 602

Chen CHEN, Lin LI

Chinese Economic Miracles under the Protection of the Cognitive Membrane 606

H. J. Cai1, Xue Tian

The Cause of Financial Crises: The Surplus of Self-assertiveness DemandsortheInsufficiency of Effective Demands 611

Di Ai, H. J. Cai

The Research concerning the Improvement of Management System of the Foreign Language Institutions 615

Xujie FAN, Lin LI

Word-of-Mouth Analysis System of Public Opinion Observation and Analysis-The Case Study of Brand Clothing Market in Taiwan 619

Shun-Hui Yang

Sources of Crops Lodging Resistance and Optimal Plant Architecture Based on Data Mining 624


Research on Type Selection Decision of Pile Foundation Structure of High-rise Buildings based on BP Neural Network 628

ZHAO Na, Li Ping

The studying of the powerline home networking system architecture model design 632


Analysis and Control of Investment Risk in China’s Growth Enterprise Market 636

Fangyi XU, Xiaohong YU

The Cost-benefit Analysis for Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Invest in Emissions Trading Market 640

Yunhua Lin, Linxi He

Study about China's securities market functional imbalance based on Institutional Economics 644

ding hong shu

Value Assessment of the Early Development of Commercial Real Estate 648

Xinghua Gong, Song Xu

Study on the BOT Financing Mode Adopted by Guangzhou Sewage Treatment Plant 652

Wenchan LI, Shanshan YE, Qianshan WAN

Construction of China water resources fund monitoring system under the dissipative structure view 656

Xiaorong DU, Qiaogen FENG, Jie HU

Is the M&A Premium on the State-owned Shares of Listed Companies by Foreign Capital Underpricing? 659

LI Shuang, YU Jian

The Influence of Competitive Forces on the Results of M&A by Large Enterprises 663


Application of Value Engineering in E-commerce Logis-tics 667

Shasha LV, Changhong TANG

System Dynamics Approach for Analyzing Sustainable Development in Guizhou Province, China 671

Renwei HE, Shaoquan LIU

Shallow discussion about enterprise information technology strategic planning 675

Mengxiang Liao, Liping Shao

The Design and Optimization of Port Automotive Business System Based on the Internet of Things 679

Yuzhen Cheng, Shifeng Liu

The Design and Implementation of the College’s Em-ployment System Based on .NET Framework 683

Qian Wang, Jinzhen Ping

A Monitor System about Commodity Information Based on the Internet of Things Technology 687

Yaguang Wang

Research on the Mode and Operation Mechanism for Rural Information Resource Integration in Underdeveloped Region ——For Example Xinjiang 691

Huali WANG, Chunling PU, Zhiqiang WANG

PCA-Based Evaluation System of Micro-blog Influence and an Empirical Analysis of Sina Micro-blog 697

Qing LIU, Geng PENG, Ping WANG

Design of the information system model frame for virtual Enterprises 701

Xinhai WANG, Tongji YANG, Hongyu YANG

Business Model of Inventory Management System Based on Object-oriented 705

Weiping Cui, Lei Huang

Study on Management of Real Estate Based on Informa-tion Disclosure 709

Yuanhua WANG

Characterizing the Community Structure and its Evolu-tion of Opinion Diffusion Network 714


Research on Application of Cloud Computing in Com-munity Health Informatization 718

Shizhu LIU

Research on How to Develop Information Management about Health Management 722

Shizhu LIU

Value and Method’s Analysis of Enterprise Private Information Sharing 726

Lu Fang

The Analysis of Problems in China's Economic Growth Based on the Econometrics Model 730

Yi Guo, Wenzhong Yu

Study on the Relationship between Investment, Consumption, Import-Export Trade and Economic Growth 734

WANG Yu, PAN Haiyin

The Duality of the Self-assertiveness Demands: Impulse to So-cial Progress and Catalyst for Social Disorders 738

Zhenggang HU, H. J. CAI

A study of engineering graphics intelligent system based on AutoCAD 742


BSS section structure optimization research 746

Yue LI 

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