The Problem of Elsevier Series Journals Online Submission by Using Artificial Intelligence


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence [AI], many journals including Elsevier series, Springer series, John Willey and Son series, American Chemical Society (ACS) series, and Bentham Science (BMS) series, have used AI technique to run the online submission for authors. Among the aforementioned five series journals, the Elsevier and BMS have some critical shortcomings that have discouraged many authors.

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Chou, K.C. (2020) The Problem of Elsevier Series Journals Online Submission by Using Artificial Intelligence. Natural Science, 12, 37-38. doi: 10.4236/ns.2020.122006.


The online submission system of the current Elsevier series journals has the following shortcomings: 1) after completing a submission, the corresponding author never receives a confirmation; 2) after the rejection decision has been made on the submitted paper, the corresponding author has never received a notification, namely, he or she must find the decision by himself of herself. The problems for the BMS series journals are even more critical. Listed below are just a few. 1) Its online submission system has a lot of bugs, which has made many authors unable to fulfill their submissions. 2) The system is very inconsistent, e.g., the name of corresponding author is completely different with that shown therein. 3) Before any decision has been made, it requires the corresponding author to fill in the tedious copyright form, wasting author a lot of time. 4) The copyright form provided by BMS is often hardly workable.


All the aforementioned problems and shortcomings are actually caused by not properly using the artificial intelligence.


The current Elsevier online submission system has to be improved; otherwise, less and less authors will consider submitting their papers to Elsevier. For the BMS publishers, a lot of bugs in their existing BMS online submission system must be fixed as soon as possible to show their ability and qualification to run the BMS-series journals. It may be a good idea if they send some technicians to the other publishers for a training.

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