Frequency dependence of the electrical conductivity and dielectric constants of polycarbonate (Makrofol-E) film under the effects of γ-radiation
Soad Fares
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Irradiation effects of γ-radiation on the physical and electrical properties of polycarbonate (Makrofol-E( film has been studied to be able to investigate the dielectric response of irradiated polymers for a wide range of fluence and frequency. The dielectric constant (ε') The loss tangent (tanδ), dielectric loss factor (ε''), the a.c electrical conductivity (σ) and the relaxation time (τ), were measured in the frequency range from (40) Hz to (4) MHz. These samples were irradiated by means of γ-rays from 10 up to 200 KGy. The change in different properties as a function of absorbed dose was studied. Degradation of the polymers leading to amorphisation was observed by increasing the absorbed γ- dose. The induced changes in the electrical conductivity due to γ-rays irradiation of Makrofol-E provide a better method for γ -dose measurements. A semi-empirical equation was developed to use Makrofol-E as a dielectric dosimeter. Furthermore, Makrofol-E has much greater resistance to radiation damage; the attained results suggested strongly the applicability of Makrofol-E to be used in medical products applications.

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Fares, S. (2011) Frequency dependence of the electrical conductivity and dielectric constants of polycarbonate (Makrofol-E) film under the effects of γ-radiation. Natural Science, 3, 1034-1039. doi: 10.4236/ns.2011.312129.

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