Developing Systems by Using Object Oriented DatabasePractical Study on ISO 9001:2000 System
Kamel Khoualdi, Thoria Alghamdi
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Object oriented database OODB is the third generation of databases. It was a natural result of limitations on relational database and increasing requirements of software, and business needs. This paper presents the method to apply OODB on ISO 9001:2000 System. It focuses in analysis and design phase by using Unified Modeling Language UML, and how can represent this type of database. This paper provides comprehensive information about applying OODB on software.

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Khoualdi, K. and Alghamdi, T. (2011) Developing Systems by Using Object Oriented DatabasePractical Study on ISO 9001:2000 System. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 4, 666-671. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2011.412078.

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