A Solution Based on Modeling and Code Generation for Embedded Control System
Guohua WU, Dongwu CHENG, Zhen ZHANG
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With the development of computer technology, embedded control system plays an important role in modern industry. For the embedded system, traditional development methods are time-consuming and system is not easy to maintain. Domain-specific modeling provides a solution for the problems. In this paper, we proposed development architecture for embedded control systems based on MIC. GME is used to construct meta-model and application model, model in-terpreter interprets model and stores model information in xml format document. The final cross-platform codes are automatically generated by different templates and xml format document. This development method can reduce time and cost in the lifecycle of system development.

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WU, G. , CHENG, D. and ZHANG, Z. (2009) A Solution Based on Modeling and Code Generation for Embedded Control System. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2, 160-164. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2009.23023.

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