The Actual Nature of Light (Ⅰ) Reveal the Mystery about the Actual Nature of Light from Newton, Einstein to the Recent Mistakes
He-Zhou Wang, He-Xiang He, Jie Feng, Xiao-Dong Chen, Wei Lin
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When Newton became the President of the Royal Society, he proposed corpuscle concept (wave-particle duality) to destroy the fruitions of Hooke and Huygens, because Newton mistook Hooke and Huygens as his enemies. Thereafter, this erroneous concept governed the scientific world for more than one hundred years. This paper will reveal the mystery: why corpuscle concept could govern the scientific world for one hundred years after Newton’s death. In the beginning of last century, photon, a palingenesis of Newton’s corpuscle, was proposed by Einstein again, as a sudden whim, because Planck strongly opposed this wrong concept, since 1907, Einstein strongly doubted this concept. Finally, Einstein disappointedly said: “The quanta really are a hopeless mess.” This paper will reveal the mystery: why photon concept can govern the scientific world until now, and give the evidences for the actual nature of light.

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H. Wang, H. He, J. Feng, X. Chen and W. Lin, "The Actual Nature of Light (Ⅰ) Reveal the Mystery about the Actual Nature of Light from Newton, Einstein to the Recent Mistakes," Journal of Quantum Information Science, Vol. 1 No. 2, 2011, pp. 54-60. doi: 10.4236/jqis.2011.12008.

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