Effect of New Suggested Ferroresonance Limiter on the Stability Domain of Chaotic Ferroresonance in the Power Transformer with Linear Core Model


This Paper studies the effect of new suggested ferroresonance limiter on controlling ferroresonance oscillations in the power transformer. It is expected that this limiter generally can control the ferroresonance. For studying these phenomena, at first ferroresonance is introduced and a general modeling approach is given. A simple case of ferroresonance in a three phase transformer is used to illustrate these phenomena. Then, effect of new suggested ferroresonance limiter on the onset of chaotic ferroresonance and control of these oscillations in a power transformer including linear core losses is studied. Simulation is done on a three phase power transformer while one of its phases is opened, and effect of varying input voltage on occurring ferroresonance overvoltage is studied. Results show that connecting the ferroresonance limiter to the transformer exhibits a great controlling effect on the ferroresonance overvoltage. Phase plane diagram, FFT analysis along with bifurcation diagrams are also presented. Significant effect on occurring chaotic ferroresonance, the range of parameter values that may lead to overvoltage and magnitude of ferroresonance overvoltage is obtained, showed and tabulated.

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H. Radmanesh, H. Fathi and M. Rostami, "Effect of New Suggested Ferroresonance Limiter on the Stability Domain of Chaotic Ferroresonance in the Power Transformer with Linear Core Model," Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 4, 2011, pp. 483-489. doi: 10.4236/epe.2011.34058.

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