Vertebral Brown Tumor in Childhood (Case Report)
Csenge Szeverényi, Balázs Dezső, Tamás Deményi, Zoltán Csernátony
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One form of renal osteodystrophy secondary to chronic renal failure is the osteitis fibrosa cystica, which is the complication of secondary hyperparathyroidism. Osteitis fibrosa cystica is a histologically benign, tumor-like lesion of bones. Since early diagnosis and treatment of hyperparathyroidism is available nowadays, the development of osteitis fibrosa cystica has become rare. It can only be found in neglected cases and in those where the treatment of chronic renal failure is unsuccessful. We present the case of a boy, who developed osteitis fibrosa cystica as a complication of secondary hyperparathyroidism. Our article is the first to report a case about an osteitis fibrosa cystica found in a child’s vertebra and this tumor was the only one, which reached a size of approximately 10 × 15 × 15 cm. We present the CT films and X-ray pictures, the surgical solution and the results of the histological examination.

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C. Szeverényi, B. Dezső, T. Deményi and Z. Csernátony, "Vertebral Brown Tumor in Childhood (Case Report)," Surgical Science, Vol. 2 No. 6, 2011, pp. 344-347. doi: 10.4236/ss.2011.26074.

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