On Starshaped Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Weihua Xu, Yufeng Liu, Wenxin Sun
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Intuitionistic fuzzy starshaped sets (i.f.s.) is a generalized model of fuzzy starshaped set. By the definition of i.f.s., the intuitionistic fuzzy general starshaped sets (i.f.g.s.), intuitionistic fuzzy quasi-starshaped sets (i.f.q-s.) and intuitionistic fuzzy pseudo-starshaped sets (i.f.p-s.) are proposed and the relationships among them are studied. The equivalent discrimination conditions of i.f.q-s. and i.f.p-s. are presented on the basis of their properties which are meaningful for the research of the generalized fuzzy starshaped sets. Moreover, the invariance of the two given fuzzy sets under the translation transformation and linear reversible transformation are discussed.

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Xu, W. , Liu, Y. and Sun, W. (2011) On Starshaped Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets. Applied Mathematics, 2, 1051-1058. doi: 10.4236/am.2011.28146.

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