Spigelian Hernia—Diagnostic Dilemma: Case Report with Review (Short Report)


Spigelian hernia (SH) is an uncommon surgical entity in children and rare in adults. Due to various reasons, spigelian hernia can develop through defects in transversus abdominis aponeurosis. Usually spigelian hernia develops below the arcuate line of Douglus and rarely occurs at higher level. It poses a diagnostic dilemma for surgeon as there are no specific symptoms and signs. It comprises about 0.12% of all abdominal wall hernias. The spigelian hernia has been repaired by both conventional and laparoscopic approach. We present a case of spigelian hernia in left half of lower abdomen in a 15-year-old child.

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Goyal, S. and Singla, S. (2014) Spigelian Hernia—Diagnostic Dilemma: Case Report with Review. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100661.

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