Design and Analysis of Different Types of Rotors for Pico-Turbine


Small-scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) rotor is developed for use in areas lacking adequate energy infrastructure. The materials and methods of construction are selected to minimize cost as much as possible. The paper describes the design of different kinds of vertical axis wind turbine rotors having different number of blades and twist angle. The aim of the work is to study the influence of the different designs on rotational speed and power of rotor in different wind speed.

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Tabassum, S. , Rahaman, M. , Bashar, M. , Islam, S. , Sharmin, A. , Imam, A. , Hoque, A. , Mahbub, N. , Khatun, S. and Khanam, M. (2015) Design and Analysis of Different Types of Rotors for Pico-Turbine. Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, 6, 141-147. doi: 10.4236/sgre.2015.66013.

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