A Review and Update of Analytical and Numerical Solutions of the Terzaghi One-Dimensional Consolidation Equation


Practical resolution of consolidation problems that we often face requires an extensive and solid knowledge of the different parameters highlighted by the Terzaghi one-dimensional consolidation theory. This theory, with its assumptions, leads to a partial differential equation of second order in space and first order in time of pore water pressure. Analytical and numerical resolutions of this equation allow determining the water pressure variation before and after the application of a charge. Numerical modeling has enabled the simulation of the whole results obtained by the two methods of resolution (pressure, degree of consolidation, time factor, among others) to have a physical analysis and a lawful observation that lead to a suitable understanding of the phenomenon of Terzaghi one-dimensional consolidation.

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Ndiaye, C. , Fall, M. , Ndiaye, M. , Sangare, D. and Tall, A. (2014) A Review and Update of Analytical and Numerical Solutions of the Terzaghi One-Dimensional Consolidation Equation. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 4, 274-284. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2014.43023.

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