Gamma Dose Rate Measurements in Kuwait Using a Car-Borne GPS Integrated Dosimetric System


A mobile system comprising of a Geiger-Muller (GM) dosimeter connected with a smart phone was used for ambient gamma dose rate survey within the districts and on the roads within the state of Kuwait. While the dosimeter provides data on gamma dose rates, the smart phone provides the GPS navigation information and saves the data for subsequent analysis and mapping. The survey covered a total distance of about 2300 km within the country and 3117 data points were recorded to show the dose rate distribution on the map of Kuwait. The results show that the ambient dose rates in Kuwait range from 40 to 180 nSv.h-1 with a mean value of 103 nSv.h-1. The dosimetric system described has good potential as a tool for determining baseline background radiation dose rates in an area.

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Al-Azmi, D. (2014) Gamma Dose Rate Measurements in Kuwait Using a Car-Borne GPS Integrated Dosimetric System. World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 4, 163-169. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2014.43021.

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