Attitude Stabilization Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters without Angular Velocity Measurements
Awad El-Gohary, Tawfik El-Sayed Tawfik
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The optimal stabilization of a rigid body motion without angular velocity measurements is considered with the help of three internal rotors that effected by internal frictions. In this paper, the orientation of the body will be described in terms of the Modified Rodrigues parameters (MRPs). The optimal control law which stabilizes asymptotically this motion and minimizes the require like-energy cost is obtained in terms of the MRPs. Numerical study and simulation are introduced.

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El-Gohary, A. and Tawfik, T. (2011) Attitude Stabilization Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters without Angular Velocity Measurements. World Journal of Mechanics, 1, 57-63. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2011.12008.

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