Incorporation of Carboplatin in Microporous Granular Calcium Phosphate Biphasic Matrix


The HA/β-TCP biphasic bioceramics stand out on researches in different areas of biomedical applications. These bioceramics with microporous microstructures also stand out in biomedical applications on controlled drug release. This study aimed at the synthesis of the biphasic HA/β-TCP powder, and at the elaboration and characterization of the microporous biphasic HA/β-TCP granular biomaterial. The microporous granular material was elaborated through the process of ceramic powder sieving (200 μm < d < 500 μm mesh sizes). The granular material was sintered at 1100°C/2 h, providing the microporous biphasic granular biomaterial. The drug loading in the biomaterial was performed through the high vacuum method. The results here presented are related to the synthesis method and elaboration of the biphasic biomaterial. The results obtained from the drug loading through the high vacuum method conducted the incorporation of the drug onto the surface and into the microporous granular biomaterial.

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Copatti, C. , Camargo, N. and Gemelli, E. (2014) Incorporation of Carboplatin in Microporous Granular Calcium Phosphate Biphasic Matrix. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 2, 30-35. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2014.22005.

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