Treatment of Nodal Non Hodgkin Lymphoma in West Africa: Experience of Institut Curie in Dakar


In Senegal, few studies have been devoted to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We conducted a retrospective descriptive study of 73 cases treated at the Institut J. Curie Hospital Aristide Le Dantec for non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas from 2001 to 2007. The main objective was to determine the clinical and therapeutic aspects. Our population consisted of 39 men and 34 women (sex ratio: 1.14). The average age was 36 years with extremes of 5 and 76 years. The most common locations were cervical (30.6%) and oropharynx (8.21%). Multiple locations were found in 30.6% of cases. Only 54.4% have histological exam. Patients were managed on cytology basis 42.6% of cases. Histology was performed in 39 patients (54.4%). Among these patients, 69% had aggressive lymphoma, of which 12.82% had a large B-cell lymphoma among indolent lymphomas (59%). The small cleaved cell lymphoma was most often found with 78.26% of cases. The patients were staged with insufficient tools. The protocol most often used was CHOP (64.3%). The most common complications reported were gastrointestinal (11%) followed by skin complications (8.2%). Radiotherapy was performed for 6 patients or 8.2% of cases. Therapeutic strategy was most often used as chemotherapy alone (69.9%). The median duration of follow-up is 18 months.

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Gaye, P. , Kassé, A. , Diouf, D. , Dieng, M. and Dem, A. (2014) Treatment of Nodal Non Hodgkin Lymphoma in West Africa: Experience of Institut Curie in Dakar. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 5, 478-482. doi: 10.4236/jct.2014.55054.

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