An Infinite Elastic Plate Weakened by a Generalized Curvilinear Hole and Goursat Functions


Complex variables method has been used to solve the first and second fundamental problems for an infinite plate weakened by a generalized curvilinear hole C. The curvilinear hole is conformally mapped on the domain outside or inside a unit circle γ using a general rational mapping function with complex constants. Many special and new cases are derived from this work. Some of the work of the previous authors in this domain will be considered as special cases of this paper. Also the interesting cases when the shape of the hole takes different famous shapes are included. The components of stresses for some examples are obtained.

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Abdou, M. and Jan, A. (2014) An Infinite Elastic Plate Weakened by a Generalized Curvilinear Hole and Goursat Functions. Applied Mathematics, 5, 728-743. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.54070.

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