Intelligent High Resolution Satellite/Aerial Imagery


High resolution satellite images are rich source of geospatial information. Nowadays, these images contain finest spectral and spatial information of ground realities in different electromagnetic spectrum. Many image processing softwares, algorithms and techniques are available to extract such information from these images. Multi spectral as well as panchromatic (PAN) high resolution satellite images are missing, one important information, regarding ground features and realities that information is attribute information which is not directly available in high resolution satellite images. From very first day, this information used to be collected through indirect ways using GPS, digitizing, geo-coding, geo tagging, field survey and many other techniques. Our real world has vertical labels for ground observer to identify and use this information. These vertical labels are present in form of names, logos, icons, symbols and numbers. These vertical labels ease us to work in real world. Satellites are unable to read these labels due to their vertical orientation. Making satellite/aerial imagery rich of attribute information, we have the possibility to design our world accordingly. Just like vertical labels we can also place real physical horizontal label for space sensors, to make this information directly available in high resolution satellite/aerial imagery. This work is about possibilities of such techniques and methods.

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Fareed, N. (2014) Intelligent High Resolution Satellite/Aerial Imagery. Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/ars.2014.31001.

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