Pre-Chelates, Post-Adducts and Implexes: A perspective proposal for the future of medicinal chemistry


The title of this little assay coins three new words: Pre-Chelates, Post-Adducts and Implexes. These, very daring new excursions into the scientific English language, come from the developments of Quelamycin and Sodium L-Thioproline, through our different group studies arriving to cancer reversal by a dual strategy. It is enough to read all our published materials, cites and related papers, dealing more or less with the chemistry and possible mechanism of action of these compounds, to gather somewhat what signified our monomeric-triferric-doxorubicine, as possibly one of the first Pre-Chelates and our Sodium L-Thioproline, probably as one of the first Post-Adducts. Both molecules come to the human patients with cancer blood from the exterior. After this indication, it will be proposed a seed concept of a new type of molecules, the “Implexes” in which the metals will be embraced instead of being linked.


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Gosalvez, M. (2013) Pre-Chelates, Post-Adducts and Implexes: A perspective proposal for the future of medicinal chemistry. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 3, 553-555. doi: 10.4236/abc.2013.36063.

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