Early Failure Detection in Power Transformers


This paper presents equipment for early detection of failures in the insulation of power transformers, checking existing partial discharges inside. The equipment involves hardware, control and signal acquisition software, and signal analysis software. This equipment has a set of algorithms that were made with intelligent extraction techniques and interpretation of data. The degradation diagnosis of the equipment insulation is based on digital signal processing algorithms for extraction of features and also in artificial intelligence algorithms that allies a mining involving all the data linked to the equipment throughout its operating life can make an assessment of the operating conditions of the equipment and suggest interventions and provide an estimated time so that they have to be made.

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Silva, L. , Bonaldi, E. , Oliveira, L. , Lambert-Torres, G. , Veloso, G. , Noronha, I. , Moreira, F. and Caminha, J. (2013) Early Failure Detection in Power Transformers. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 1, 30-40. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2013.15005.

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