Breast Necrosis Following Coronary by Pass Graft Surgery: Report of Two Cases & Review of Literature


Breast is an external organ with abundant blood supply which renders it vulnerable to many inflammatory or neoplastic conditions, yet it remains immune to ischemia. Various chest wall surgical procedures may directly or indirectly affect the breast or its overlying skin. Cardiac surgery with its designed incisions is closely related to the breast terrain. Breast necrosis is very rare and only few cases were reported in the literature. We report two cases of breast necrosis in diabetic patients following cardiac bypass surgery. This emerging quandary is an alert to cardiothoracic surgeons to generate special preparation for a subset of patients prior to cardiac surgical procedures in order to minimize the occurrence of ischemia.

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Hadi, M. , Ghonemi, Y. , Regal, M. and Shomimi, S. (2013) Breast Necrosis Following Coronary by Pass Graft Surgery: Report of Two Cases & Review of Literature. World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, 3, 215-218. doi: 10.4236/wjcs.2013.37042.

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