Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Differential Monomials
Hui Huang, Bin Huang
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Considering the uniqueness of meromorphic functions concerning differential monomials ,we obtain that, if two non-constant meromorphic functions f(z) and g(z) satisfy ,where k and n are tow positive integers satisfying k ≥ 3 and n ≥ 11 , then either where c1, c2, c, are three constants, satisfying (c1 c2)n+1c>n+1=- 1 or f = tg for a constant t such that tn+1 = 1

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Huang, H. and Huang, B. (2011) Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Differential Monomials. Applied Mathematics, 2, 230-235. doi: 10.4236/am.2011.22025.

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