Complementing the Lagrangian Density of the E. M. Field and the Surface Integral of the p-v Vector Product
Mirwais Rashid
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Considering the Lagrangian density of the electromagnetic field, a 4 × 4 transformation matrix is found which can be used to include two of the symmetrized Maxwell’s equations as one of the Euler-Lagrange equations of the complete Lagrangian density. The 4 × 4 transformation matrix introduces newly defined vector products. In a Theorem the surface integral of one of the newly defined vector products is shown to be reduced to a line integral.

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Rashid, M. (2011) Complementing the Lagrangian Density of the E. M. Field and the Surface Integral of the p-v Vector Product. Applied Mathematics, 2, 225-229. doi: 10.4236/am.2011.22024.

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