Design of Energy Saving Lighting System in University Classroom Based on Wireless Sensor Network


In order to reach the objective of intelligence and energy saving for university classroom lighting, energy saving lighting control system in university classroom based on wireless sensor network is designed, including design of sensor node and sink, as well as corresponding development of control program and upper-computer software. The system sets single-chip Ameg16 as control center, realizes communication between nodes via nRF24L01 wireless transceiver module, and realizes communication between sink and upper computer via w5100 wireless internet module. It perceives illumination intensity via photoconductor, detects the human body position via infrared pyroelectric sensor, and places the sensor node on the lamp, so the light can be controlled according to position of human body and current illumination intensity, which can realize energy saving to a large extent on condition that lighting requirement is satisfied. The system has low cost, and there is no need to change the original lighting circuit. The light can be turned off by hand, and when multi-media are used for the class, light can keep off even it is dim. In addition, this system has the function of automatic fault report, which is convenient for property maintenance.

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Liang, Y. , Zhang, R. , Wang, W. and Xiao, C. (2013) Design of Energy Saving Lighting System in University Classroom Based on Wireless Sensor Network. Communications and Network, 5, 55-60. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.51B013.

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