Cancer as a Therapeutic Agent?


The author, concisely and generically, proposes experimental testing on suitable laboratory animals, in state-of-the-art international centers endowed with cancer reversal experimental techniques. Using mild carcinogens to induce more or less benign growths can be reversed back to a normal state by single or dual strategy: in spinal paralysis by medullar contusion in young rabbits; for blindness caused by the severing of the optic nerve in sheep; for neural deafness caused by severing the acoustic nerve in rabbits. If these techniques could be shown to be feasible and successful for higher order primates and if having then already cured for life a sufficient number of malignant cancers by cancer reversal by dual strategy in human beings, of course these methods could be then considered for patients.

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M. Gosalvez, "Cancer as a Therapeutic Agent?," Journal of Cancer Therapy, Vol. 4 No. 8, 2013, pp. 1362-1365. doi: 10.4236/jct.2013.48161.

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