Hot Blast Flow Measurement in Blast Furnace in Straight Pipe


This article shows an innovative method to model and validate the hot air flow through the blast furnacés tuyeres. This study will be the basis for flow measurements implementation and safety interlocks for the pulverized coal injection. The flow measurements were taken in the blast furnace down leg pipes by installing refractory Venturi tubes. The system for the calculation of differential pressure takes into consideration the dimension of the Venturi, the air density and compressibility. The objective is to specify the flow transmitters required to automate a control system and implement safety interlocks for the coal injection plant.

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R. Motta, E. Bortoni and L. Souza, "Hot Blast Flow Measurement in Blast Furnace in Straight Pipe," Modern Instrumentation, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2013, pp. 68-73. doi: 10.4236/mi.2013.24010.

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