Biodiesel Production from Spirulina-Platensis Microalgae by In-Situ Transesterification Process


This research investigates the effect of reaction variables that strongly affect the cost of biodiesel production from non-edible Spirulina-Platensis microalgae lipids, and use the acid-catalyzed in situ transesterification process. Experiments were designed to determine how variations in volume of reacting methanol, the concentration of an acid catalyst, time, temperature and stirring affected the biodiesel yield. The total lipid content of Spirulina-Platensis microalgae was obtained to be 0.1095g/g biomass. The weight of the by-product glycerol obtained was used to predict the percentage yield conversion of microalgae oil biodiesel. Best results (84.7%), a yield of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), were obtained at 100% (wt./wt.oil) catalyst concentration, 80 ml methanol volumes, 8 h reaction time and 65℃ reaction temperature with continuous stirring at 650 rpm. Properties of the produced biodiesel were measured according to EN 14214 standards.

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El-Shimi, H. , Attia, N. , El-Sheltawy, S. and El-Diwani, G. (2013) Biodiesel Production from Spirulina-Platensis Microalgae by In-Situ Transesterification Process. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, 3, 224-233. doi: 10.4236/jsbs.2013.33031.

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