Economic Analysis of Biodiesel and Glycerol Carbonate Production Plant by Glycerolysis


Techno-economic analysis of an indirect use of carbon dioxide within the route of glycerolysis of glycerol with urea is investigated. The results show that the net present value of the biodiesel-glycerol carbonate production by glycerolysis is higher than the biodiesel-glycerol carbonate production by direct carboxylationat at the end of the 12-year operation with similar capacities. The stochastic model has predicted that using glycerolysis route for the synthesis of glycerol carbonate production might increase the probability of getting positive net present value by about 15%.

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Nguyen, N. and Demirel, Y. (2013) Economic Analysis of Biodiesel and Glycerol Carbonate Production Plant by Glycerolysis. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, 3, 209-216. doi: 10.4236/jsbs.2013.33029.

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