Energy Conservation in China’s Road Transport: Policy Analysis


Energy consumption for transport purposes has increased rapidly in China over the past decade. China’s transport industry has undergone remarkable developments in energy conservation through structural, technological and managerial measures. The paper analyzes energy-conservation policies and measures related to road transport in China. The paper also identifies constraints for these policies and measures. The transport management authorities face a series of difficulties associated with methods, costs, public awareness, and management systems. Suggestions for improvement are also offered, including promotion of energy-efficient private vehicles, advances in business vehicle energy conservation, exploiting the energy potential of urban traffic and infrastructure development for energy-efficient clean vehicles.

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He, X. , Ou, X. , Zhang, X. , Zhang, X. and Zhang, Q. (2013) Energy Conservation in China’s Road Transport: Policy Analysis. Open Journal of Energy Efficiency, 2, 121-124. doi: 10.4236/ojee.2013.23015.

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