Recognition of Direction of New Apertures from the Elongated Speckle Images: Simulation


In this paper, we present an elongated speckle images produced from diffusers using sharp elliptical apertures. The orientation of the elliptic aperture is recognized from the direction of the elongation in the speckle images. The aperture tilting out of the plane is investigated. Three models of elliptical apertures are considered and the corresponding speckle images are obtained. The 1st model is composed of two orthogonal ellipses or plus symbol pupil; the 2nd has four symmetric ellipses with an angle of 45° between each of them or in the form of a snow flake pupil and the 3rd model looks like an airplane. Also, the autocorrelation profiles of the speckle images corresponding to the diffused airplane are obtained from which the average speckle size is computed. Finally, the reconstructed images of the described elliptical models and its autocorrelation images, making use of Mat lab code, are obtained.

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Hamed, A. (2013) Recognition of Direction of New Apertures from the Elongated Speckle Images: Simulation. Optics and Photonics Journal, 3, 250-258. doi: 10.4236/opj.2013.33040.

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