Modeling of unsteady MHD free convection flow with radiative heat transfer in a rotating fluid
Harouna Naroua
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In this paper, a numerical simulation has been carried out on unsteady hydromagnetic free convection near a moving infinite flat plate in a rotating medium. The temperatures involved are assumed to be very high so that the radiative heat transfer is significant, which renders the problem highly non-linear even with the assumption of a differential approximation for the radiative heat flux. A numerical method based on the Nakamura scheme has been employed to obtain the temperature and velocity distributions which are depicted graphically. The effects of the different parameters entering into the problem have been discussed extensively.

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Naroua, H. (2010) Modeling of unsteady MHD free convection flow with radiative heat transfer in a rotating fluid. Natural Science, 2, 1386-1393. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.212169.

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