Research of Water Response under the Action of the Infrared Human Body Radiation by Water Conductometric Sensors


Non-equilibrium thermal and biothermal radiation generated by heated solid materials and hematothermal living organisms are studied by water conductometric sensors. Engineering aspects and physical features of developed water conductometric sensors are given. Procedure and measuring technique are described. Our experiments show the anomalous behavior of water conductivity and associated differential parameters under water heating by biological objects compared with traditional heating sources. Water response to human action strongly depends on psychophysiological and psychoemotional state of the person. Moreover the responses to the action by left and right human hands are substantially different and as a rule are specific to the gender. The possible physicochemical mechanisms of such anomalous water behavior are studied. It is suggested that the observed effects are associated with resonant excitation of vibration-rotation energy levels of water under the influence of bioradiation generated by human organism consisting of approximately 70% water. The results obtained have good perspectives for future applications in different fields of human activity.

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G. Shishkin, I. Ageev, Y. Rybin and A. Shishkin, "Research of Water Response under the Action of the Infrared Human Body Radiation by Water Conductometric Sensors," Open Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2013, pp. 278-284. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2013.33035.

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