New Communication Bands Generated by Using a Soliton Pulse within a Resonator System
P. P. Yupapin, M. A. Jalil, I. S. Amiri, I. Naim, J. Ali
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We propose a novel system of a broadband source generation using a common soliton pulse (i.e. with center wavelength at 1.55 ?m) propagating within a nonlinear microring and nanoring resonators system. A system consists of a micro ring resonator system incorporating an add/drop filter, whereas the large bandwidth signals can be generated, stored and regenerated within the system. By using the appropriate parameters relating to the practical device such as micro ring radii, coupling coefficients, linear and nonlinear refractive index, we found that the obtained multi soliton pulses have shown the potential of application for dense wavelength division application, whereas the different center wavelengths of the soliton bands can be obtained via the add/drop filter, which can be used to increase the channel capacity in communication network.

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P. Yupapin, M. Jalil, I. Amiri, I. Naim and J. Ali, "New Communication Bands Generated by Using a Soliton Pulse within a Resonator System," Circuits and Systems, Vol. 1 No. 2, 2010, pp. 71-75. doi: 10.4236/cs.2010.12012.

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