The Discussion of 500kv Centralized Monitoring System For Large Operation and Large Maintenance Mode


The establishment of a centralized monitoring system is an effective means to achieve the goal that no or fewer people are on duty. The function of the current 500kV centralized monitoring system is not enough mature to meet the requirement of the large-scale operation and large-scale maintenance model proposed by the State Grid. In order to fully utilizing the function of the centralized monitoring system, an improved design scheme is presented for the current 500kV centralized monitoring of the Jiangxi Power Grid. The improved centralized monitoring system is divided into three layers: monitoring center layer, operating team layer, and substation layer, which not only has the advantages of high security, high reliability, and easy maintenance, but also realizes the management model of regional control. So it can perfectly meet anti-misoperation requirement in the large operation and large maintenance mode, which can provide reference and guidance for the design of the 500kV centralized monitoring system of Jiangxi Power Grid.

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l. Shuai, X. Liu and J. Li, "The Discussion of 500kv Centralized Monitoring System For Large Operation and Large Maintenance Mode," Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 1B, 2013, pp. 127-131. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.51B023.

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