The role of furniture in exposure to non-ionizing radiation in a residential apartment


This article concerns the sources of non-ionizing radiation in a normal inhabited environment. Measurements show that residents are exposed to non-ionizing radiation in levels both below and above the European normative. Excess is present due to the fact that, producers of electronic equipment and appliances, those who use them, as well as those involved in the construction of housing, have insufficient acquaintance with non-ionizing radiation. Producers are advised to increase the coefficient of safety towards non-ionizing radiation by renewing technology. Users are advised to operate apparatus with the lowest possible power, to minimise time exposed to sources, to maximise the distance from them and to renew their appliances. Construction workers should take non-ionizing radiation more into consideration when furnishing of houses.

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Bilero, V. (2012) The role of furniture in exposure to non-ionizing radiation in a residential apartment. Natural Science, 4, 258-263. doi: 10.4236/ns.2012.44037.

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