Towards Earthquake Shields: A Numerical Investigation of Earthquake Shielding with Seismic Crystals
Baris Baykant Alagoz, Serkan Alagoz
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Authors numerically demonstrate that the seismic surface waves from an earthquake can be attenuated by a seismic crystal structure constructed on the ground. In the study, seismic crystals with a lattice constant of kilometer are investigated in the aspect of band gaps (Stop band), and some design considerations for earthquake shielding are discussed for various crystal configurations in a theoretical manner. Authors observed in their FDTD based 2D wave simulation results that the proposed earthquake shield can provide a decreasing in magnitude of surface seismic waves. Such attenuation of seismic waves might reduce the damage in an earthquake.

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Alagoz, B. and Alagoz, S. (2011) Towards Earthquake Shields: A Numerical Investigation of Earthquake Shielding with Seismic Crystals. Open Journal of Acoustics, 1, 63-69. doi: 10.4236/oja.2011.13008.

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