Gaussian beam with non-spiral optical vortex
Xiu-Min Gao, Song Hu, Jin-Song Li, Han-Ming Guo, Jian Wang, Song-Lin Zhuang
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Optical vortex has attracted much interest re-cently due to its novel properties and applica-tions. In this paper, the focusing properties of Gaussian beam containing one non-spiral opti-cal vortex are investigated by means of scalar diffraction theory. Simulation results show that topological charge of non-spiral optical vortex affects optical intensity distribution in focal re-gion considerably, and non-spiral focal pattern may also occur. Multiple intensity peaks may appear companying with center main focal spot under condition of higher topological charge. In addition, the number of weak intensity peak outside of the center main intensity peak is re-lated to the value of topological charge.

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Gao, X. , Hu, S. , Li, J. , Guo, H. , Wang, J. and Zhuang, S. (2010) Gaussian beam with non-spiral optical vortex. Natural Science, 2, 201-204. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.23031.

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