A new method of building permeability model in low-permeability reservoir numerical simulation
Yong-Chao Xue, Lin-Song Cheng, Lei Su
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Aiming at solving the problem that big differ-ence exists between logging permeability and true permeability of micro-fractured low-permeability sand reservoir, this paper puts forward a new method to revise logging per-meability by using primiparity data of oil field. This method has been successfully applied to revise logging permeability of micro-fractured low-permeability sand reservoir in Baiyushan area of Jing’An oil field, which shows that the method is reliable because the geological model building through the permeability which has been handled by this method accords with the real reservoir significantly.

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Xue, Y. , Cheng, L. and Su, L. (2010) A new method of building permeability model in low-permeability reservoir numerical simulation. Natural Science, 2, 120-123. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.22020.

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