ComGIS-Based Early Warning System of Rural Drinking Water Safety in Ya’an City of Sichuan, China
Fuquan Ni, Guodong Liu, Liping Xu, Chengwei Fu
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According to characteristic index of spatial-temporal variability of rural drinking water safety in Ya’an City of Sichuan, China, such as water quantity, water quality, convenience degree and guaranteed rate, etc., this study elaborated the basic framework, model’s methodology structure in early warning system of rural drinking water safety on the basis of ComGIS and initially designed information collection, search and re-trieval, evaluation and analysis of factors, dynamic prediction and dynamic early-warning and functions of guidance and management in this system. The design of this system provided scientific basis to grasp the state of rural drinking water safety timely, release early warning information and properly take necessary control measures, etc. The evaluation results showed that the overall trend was getting better. It proved that the rising pressure value and response value were main reasons which caused the rising evaluation value of rural drinking water safety.

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F. Ni, G. Liu, L. Xu and C. Fu, "ComGIS-Based Early Warning System of Rural Drinking Water Safety in Ya’an City of Sichuan, China," Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2010, pp. 154-166. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2010.22018.

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